...If the heterotopic* spaces are differents, transformants or/and contradictories how can our body used that knowledge?

                                "Heterotopias are worlds within worlds, mirroring and diskursive spaces that are intense, disturbing, incompatible, contradictory or transforming"

                                                                                                                                                         M. Foucault



"Other perceptions" is a new level in my project "Mediating Artifacts". On the existential plane, the central aspect of Mediating Artifacts was the creation of a corridor or flow between the present and the past, starting from the initial foundations of "the house of dreams" whose settlement dates back to the punishment cells. The body, its relationship with objects and space, the portal, the ritual elements and masking were the pivots of the project.

In "Other perceptions" I will investigate the participation of the body in the surrounding reality and I will try to integrate other perceptions from an ecophysical point of view.

                     "Implicaciones (in) voluntarias



"Portales"    -Fotocollage


                                          "Lengua materna" / "Mother thongue"

                  Intervention in a forest of Upplands -Bro-2021

                     "Im anfang war die Tat - In the beginning was action"

                                   performative photography-  2021

"Recognize me in the unknown"

                                 "Matter folded on itself" Performance-2021

4 Exercises for 1 performance



ACT KNOWLEDGE: The body as a machine to produce subjectivities.
At this stage of the project, the body reaffirms itself as an object-machine where subjectivities fold and unfold according to the relationship with the impulse of knowledge.

The artistic genre in which the process results are expressed at this stage will be that of the scenographic photography.

The choice refers to the state of the external situation (pandemic) and the margins of the body-máquina (risk group in relation to age)

                                      The perception is about the things and the gap between things.

Genealogy is oriented to the "origin" to find in an individual what assimilates it to others from the singularity, which is its "similarity" that is why it separates (unraveling) the marks " different ”.
Wherever the "Self" needs to invent a coherence (or an "identity") the genealogy will contribute with the "search for the beginning", following the line of "origin" which is to maintain what happened to a persone (or a people ) in the own dispersion , in owns accidents, in the errors that have resulted in what today is valid.
The provenance takes root in the body because is there where the trace of past events is. The body is the inscription surface of events, the place of dissociation of the self.
In the body the history articulates past events, desires, fainting, everything that integrates the history, which in turn is what destroyer the bodies.

In performative art or art of action, the performative is intrarelated to the singularity of the body that performs the act, the motor of which is autopoiesis, that is, the capacity that a process has to generate its own life. The forms these acts take can never be separated from their background of singular and temporal experience in the bodily. There is no attempt to "imitate" previous situations by "re-representing" them (presenting them again) or representing something (symbolizing) (proper function of theater and cinema).

The performative act is generating in its "here and now" a new perceptual state that occurs in the real world, in real time and therefore generates a fold in common space time modifying the body. It is in the resolution of the contradiction between the symbolic and the real, through which new processes are generated that modify the already existing experiences." The symbolic value of here and now how a symbolic gesture is exhausted at the same moment of its resolution in the real world.

In "Words and Things" Foucault says:
Heterotopias are disturbing, no doubt because they secretly undermine language, because they prevent naming this and that, because they break common names or entangle them. "

What would be the results in image-language terms, when the flows of knowledge fold with the memories of the body

Ageism or the second liberation

The role of women as the object of male pleasure has been cultivated for generations. The length of the hair, the concealment of gray hair, the length of the skirts, the high heels, are responses to the masculine ideal of women. Also behavior is coded: speak little, laugh moderately, speak in a low voice ...
Something is slowly changing, but as social "commodities" we still have an "expiration date". What happens when we are dismissed as "products of desire"? Can we regain self-esteem, affection for ourselves? Accept ourselves as human beings? Free ourselves from our imposed roles? what is the price?

           Fredagen den 13e november

                     Självporträtt projekt


                                                          "No me pesa, es mi hermana"

                                                                        Staged photography


                                                          Photo: Héctor J. Álvarez-Ana Maria Almada

Two different natures transplanted. Two similar natures separated


                                                                                           Staged photography. 2020 -

                                                                    Photography: Héctor J. Àlvarez-Ana Maria Almada


- In Greek Merope is also a feminine and masculine name.

- Merope was married to Sisyphus.

-Merope was the adoptive mother of Oedipus
- One of the 7 pleiades (also name of a stellar constellation) that never appeared, that's why only 6 are seen in the sky. The myth says that she married a human and for that the gods punished to her..
-Merope is the name of a plant of the Roteacea fami

- "Merope" In literature a work of Voltaire.

                                                     "Persona redifiniendo su subjetividad"

                                                                        Staged photography


                                                          Photo: Héctor J. Álvarez-Ana Maria Almada

In my personal experience, the analysis of the singular provenance has been nourished by the analysis of the historical provenance to rebuild a broken link in contact with the here-now and from there to liberate the ability to constantly reinvent a desired subjectivity.

                 " Mujer con nido y fantasma"

                       Staged photography


               Photo: Héctor J. Alvarez/Ana Maria Almada

"Women with nest and ghost"

My body a machine to produces subjektivities with which I knot to the world and through which the world ties me.

"New witches old ritornello"

The past is a fold between play and war. In the first floor Present: Rite of passage, from camels to lions to children. Future: The crossing of two flows between the games of a present memory.
Art born between mirrors and windows, ritual, magic, play and superstitions. It is science and witchcraft, philosophy and agonist game.
Yesterday we said that witches were nuns, today that they are avatars and always were and will be artists.
The connection between rite and creation its manifest itself according to the evolution of each singularity. Art is experiential engagement with others. Philosophical witchcraft.

            "Nuevas brujas viejo ritornello"

                    Staged photography


       Photo: Héctor J. Alvarez/Ana Maria Almada

"Pandemic relations"

Breathing the other has become dangerous step by step. Strict recommendation to choose: distant breaths in physical solitudes or death by intubation. Let us respect the distances, you there, me here and between both the fear, which turns into anger and bitterness. Paradigm of shared membership. Today we are all, gravediggers, draggers of death, when before we were dedicated to carrying life.

                                            "Relaciones pandémicas"  

                                                 Staged photography


                                               Photo: Hector J. Alvarez/Ana Maria Almada


                                                                                           Torres de Serrano- Valencia/Spain-2019

                                             Group performative class led by Professor Bartolome Ferrando- University of Fine Arts of Valencia

                                                                                                                         Photo: Bartolome Ferrando and Audience.

                                                                                  Bro Centrum/Sweden - Project:  "My history".


"...When the deaf tones are so deaf they can't even mimic a sound.

Nothing is said. Nothing has been said

in the intermediate tones only empty questions

non-human languages accessories gadgets."


                                                                                                                             Photo: Felice Hapetzeder.

                                                                                                      "Man måste kämpa" -2019

                                                                                                                   (Duved/Åre by side of the Caroleans army memorial )

Performative act  in collaboration with a local resident. 

What kind of knowledge is it that in the body reveals the difference between what we do and what we say we do? Is it objectivity, power, truth?

It is said: Knowledge is a combined and collective act: Who kind of knowledges is important? Who is allowed to speak? What can you talk about?

Is the fight pleasure or suffering? If we were forced to choose one virtue, what is the most important : to fight, to remember , to learn?

Is the passion for the truth a knowledge way? A kind of healer? An imcofortable habit?

What role does it play in the construction of the heterotopia of the bodies and in the relationship between them?

The death march.

December 1718 :Sweden planned an attack on Norway from Jämtland towards Trondheim. The retreat  to Sweden is known as "The death march"

More than 10.000 soldiers marsched and relatively few people died in combat. At the end of December 1719, the sweden King Charles XII was injured. 

The project exterminated 40% of the male population of Jämtland.

                                                                                                           Tanks to Martina Sturmhoefel!


                                                                                                                                       Photo: H. J. Alvarez/H. J. Alvarez jr.

                                                                                       "Cuando quisimos peces nos mojamos"2019

                                                                                             (When we wanted fish we got wet)                                                                                                

In statistics it is called spurious relation to a mathematical relation in which two events have no logical connection, although it can be implied that they have it because a third factor not considered and known as “a confusion factor” or “hidden variable”that intervenes in the process.

                                                                                                                   Alicante -

                                                                                                                                 Photo: H. J. Alvarez/Ana M. Almada

                                                                                                               "Portalen" 2019

                                                                                                  Free cours (master) thesis

                                                                                           Stockholms Dramatiska Högskola


Can the rite and the play affect feelings, needs and decisions?

Our perception is to a greater extent individual and subjective, our affective reactions have links to the various tools the experiences have equipped us with. Our sensory system makes selection in the references that the body's memories have been stored. I am interested in resilience: the capacity to repair the traumatic or injured in natures,  both  people and environments. The energy that we can release during the resilience process, in my own experience, can be compared to the act of "crossing a portal" with uncomfortable or dangerous sockets, the other side allways holds promises.

The term "portal" in my exempel is in relation to energies and state of min. But in that association we most include an important part in any portal : the embrasure (in architecture the external part of a portal)

In my hypothesis, It figuratively correspond to the direct and indirect experiences we carry with us, and how we use it in the construction of shields and/or ornaments,  to attract / isolate the surroundings during our existence.

What a function it "emotional embrasure will fill is  individual and depends on a lot of aspects: expectations, desire, interest, purpose, knowledge, genetic components, including beliefs and ideologies. Different stimuli can increase the level of attention through intensity, change, movement, repetition and emotional content among others. In my portal figure, I can see some resemblance with the "liminal phase" that the French-German ethnographer Arnold Van Gennep has studied in his research on Les rites de passage (transitional rituals) and the British anthropologist Victor W. Turner later developed in the book The ritual process.

                                                                                                                                                          Photo: H.J.Alvarez/Ana M Almada


                Performatic intervention i Bro´s Library -2018

Was in inclusive and  "visionary" gest?. A "prosthesis" was introduced into the body of the library in the form of an unlisted book.
Art as a vaccine against institutional rigidity, as a way to encourage processes, as a contribution to individual subjectivity

                                                                                                  "Luciferina oxidada"-2018

                                                                                               Norrköpings Konstmuseet


Luciferina oxidada (in spanish) Is the name of an high intensive process of transformation in bioluminescence. It produces cold light in some insects, fungi, bacteria and in some species from the sea.

The oxidation phenomenon includes 2 molecules (luciferin and luciferase), oxygen and ATP (adenosine triphosphate).

There are various forms of bioluminescence, however, all with a common denominator: oxygen, thanks to which we can keep remembering

                                                                                             "Kasta Diva" 2018

                                                                                  Hommage to Deleuze 

                                              "When you are forced to choose between one and two, choose three" Guilles Deleuze

                                                                                    VÄXJÖ KONSTHALL

                                                                                                        "Blödande glömska"-2018

                                 Hommage to Floreal Avellaneda, tortured and killed by the argentine state terrorism at 14 years old

What is not allowed is forbidden!:
This absurd answer became famous between us  thousands of female political prisoners in Villa Devoto/Argentina. It was in answe to the question about the current rules of every day, that was important since not respecting the rules had its consequences. "Los Chanchos" (The pigs)it was the name of the small cells where people were punish. The punished person was taken from the company of other prisoners and sent to the isolation cell in weeks.
The isolation cell was empty, dark, with double doors and thick walls. Only little sound filtered inward or outward. The oxygen stream is through an unreachable rectangular hole in the wall. No other clothes than the ones the punished was carrying were allowed. A piece of sheet metal without a mattress, bolted to the wall, worked as bed, table and chair: all in one. Every day the mattress was removed at 6 am and returned at 22 pm.

Delivery of food was the only event of the day.
From magical thinking to the magic of thought:
The selfimaginary game-ritual of ranking and dose the memories became over time a skill . It was necesary some rulles, because it required contact with one’s own humanity and objectivity over the reall current mental state. If the memory was painful it was necessary to censor it. Especially painful was the memories of the children. Awareness that the loss time could not be replaced is extremely hard.
• Everything can become a symbol.
• Each symbol can express a memory.
• The solitary game is linked for över to the own existence

                                                                                    STOCKHOLM SUPERMARKET ART FAIR

                                                                                                            "Bestiario"  2018

The art was for a long time associated with male geniuses which isolated from the surroundings they produced and sold at enormous prices on clinically stripped galleries where not many dared to step in (It is not the intention either) The point is that art can equally take place among pans in the kitchen, a storage room in the workplace or in the body here and now with its history of play or ritual. Being human has always meant being able to take responsibility for our specific nature, which, like other natures, lives in constant change, in contact with itself and its surroundings.

                                                                                                      Upplands- Bro Biblioteket- Sweden

                                                                                "Att döda en wonderbaum"- 2018

                   "Art is always political, either by what it says or by what it does´nt say when "Political" is not a synonymous to propaganda

                                                                                          Bro Centrum torget-Sweden

                                                                                                             "Canto ostinato"- 2017

Women are more than any living being exposed to many form of censorship among other criticism and judgment. Let's continue clicking all those balloons

                                                                                                        Den lilla teatern- Uppsala-Sweden

                                                                                                                    "In between" 2017

 Can someone answer why
some people choose to become executioners?

Fill bodies with stones of contempt
suffering and tags of shame.
What's behind that miserable logic?

                                                                                                            Konstnärshuset- Stockholm

                                                                                        "Att välta en taburett"- 2015

                                                                                                Some flies make entrance when something is rotting.

Relationships are not things but produce brands on bodies and place. The air of the processes become rarefied when self-deception, inconsistency between the saying and the fact together with half-truths define the relationships of a group. Thence to exclusion, servility with hierarchies,  and more, there is a short flight.

A fly alone cannot transform a chair into a stool and then flip it over, but several people, together, can try it again and again. Or not, according with their purpose, energies, experiences and hopes.

                                                                                                           Konstnärshuset-Stockholm-                                                                                   Photo: H.J.Alvarez


                                                                                                "Maria och odjurens verk"- 2014

Maria was a mother who suffered the loss of a child, throug  injustice, complicity and abuse of power.
Maria was a sister who suffered the loss of her brother, through injustice, complicity and abuse of power.
Sons and brothers as well as mothers, fadhers and sisters are human roles that we offer each other.

The monstrosity, in different ways,  is a rol too. The difference between one and the other is that becoming a monster is a personal choice. 

                                                                                                   Lids Kyrka- Nyköping-Sweden                                                                   Photo: Ana M. Almada    

                                                                                     "Judith efter Olofernes" -2015

                                                                                                     Love me not too much, love me good!

San Valentine's Day become a contemporary and commercial ritual: What kind of love do we celebrate in this day? Hollywood love: beautiful but false? Love like a property rights? Narcissistisc love? that transforms people into things. Love for 'our people', who can end up in segregations? Love for 'our country' that historically generates war and exclusions?

Love can also be evil. Under the feeling of love, loving people can destroy others. But even the lack of love can have terrible consequences for people. The religions spread peaceful and loving messages and talk with double tongues when only refeers to they peer. Love is love is god.

                                                                                                                 Kulturhurset i Stockholm                                                                         Photo: Madeleine Aleman                  

                                                                                               "Tango Ball(ade)" 2012

My mother loved to dance, and i loved my mother, although his musical ear was disastrous.

I was eight years old when my function was to accompany her, and tell discreetly

what kind of rhythm each music played was.Is it waltz or is it tango? she asked me.

(Tango was later called my very loved dog)
According to my answer she accepted or not the invitation to the dance floor.

Hugo Ball is the artist in the picture, who contributed to create the Dadaism, sometimes and to somebody  a way of live.

                                                                                        ID:i Galleri - Stockholm


          Photo: G.C.Alvarez

                                                                                            "Entre nosotros"- 2007

The expression between us is used in Argentina in many ways: As a synonym of confidence, to indicate the belonging to a group, in referens to a habit or a custom of a group, or to refer to the presence of something, someone or some in a certain group or place.

All these expressions are valid to leave a mark in the outraged  geography.

In the vicinity of Palermos forest, the heart of the city of Buenos Aires, for decades a place commonly used to walk, play or love, opereted  one of the many centers of torture, terror and death during the last military dictatorship.

                                                                              Buenos Aires/Palermos Hood


Photo: Ana M. Almada


         "Händelser som ser ut som tankar"     




                                                                                            "Inom ramen för psykiatrin"- 2007

Foucault believes that it is in discourses differences and contradictions that the new concepts and hypotheses find its foundation. These contradictions also include discourses taboos.
My practical experience in psychiatry in Sweden, in a role of mental nursing students first and then as medical secretary, talked about an activity stuffed with taboo, censorship and restrictions, confrontations, manipulations, hidden conflicts and dictatorial exercise of power in a very hierarchical context. In other words: During my professional practice in different sections of the activity, I experienced unhealthy working environments where destructive relationships and exclusions were not unusual. My perspective is simple and compassionate only with common sense, and humanistic parameters.
It was therefore interesting to participate in the same activities in an artist's role. This was possible thanks to an invitation to a pilot project where Konstfrämjandet was one of partners. I was only careful to choose a section known in Psychiatry as the most "democratic". Maybe art could contribute further with its open perspective? My artistic basic material during six months was the relationships; therefore I supported the project in experiences that Nicolas Bourriaud gathered under the concept: Relational aesthetics. Most of the staff accepted to participate in a process that nobody controlled, a new and original dimension in the framework of psychiatry. The pictures would speak for themselves; no one had a role of interpretation representative. Daring to be active under these conditions was already a success.

                                                                                           STOCKHOLMS LÄNS LANDSTING


    Photo: Ana M. Almada

                                                                                    "Juku" Att skapa en ritual- 2005

In times when groups are more engaged than ever in concentrating and rejecting each other at the same time, it is a good exercise to try to immerse ourselves in our history as specie and bring to the present our common origins, our similarities and our searches. My way is  to trate to understanding and accept the differences between us to achieve support other along the way, like a new and necessary ritual


                                                                                Svarta Havet- Konstfack

      Photo: Valeria Montti Colque                                                 


                                                                                    "Like you, like me, like she/he"

In Malmö I joined the choir of artists that the sculpture of the place represents,  to draw attention about the phenomenon of refugees, who daily defy death looking for a place in the world to live with dignity.

                                                                                                      Malmö- Public space


                                                                                                              Photo: Marta Aguirre

                                                                                              The nomades pacifiers       


A distance-participatory project "In Memoriam" of 30,000 disappeared in Argentina during the state terrorism between 1974-1983. Pacifiers picked from streets and other public places, received name of a missing person and later distributed to people interested in "adopting them to give them ny life". The project was documented in form of photos and exhibited at the Bro Library and at Tensta Konsthall.

                                                                 2007-2008 -People from different countries

                                                                                                          "Hommage to Pipa Bacca"

Pippa Baca was a performance artist who did hitchhiking från Italy

with the intention to arrive to Palestine . Along the way in a gesture of peace and confidence she washed the feet of the meeting people.

She don't get any further than Turkey. She was raped and lying dead on the side of the road. I wished visit his country and walk on 'Via dell amore' in Cinque Terre.

                                                                                                        Cinque Terre- Italy



Photo: H.J.Alvarez

                                                                                                   "Tankar att ta med sig hem"

A performative intervention in England, in the Tate Modern and in the middle of political paranoia, without any authorization, without recommendations, without names of famous artists behind ... what are the chances of being successful? Any!
One more experience among all valid, that is how the world was built.

Thanks to the artist Andrea Macchiavelli and the poet Ann Jäderlund for participating in my absurd experience.

                                                                                                     Tate Modern UK


       Photo: Ana M.Almada                                                                            2003


                                                                                              " Jardin de gentes"

The speeches head the children's head very early. Rules, hierarchies, schedules, controls of different types, various intentions. I wanted to give those kids an image of someone other than those they know. No instructions, no explanations. Let the image populate the childlike fantasy in the way they decide. Fear was naturally not absent. What do we do?  Who are we? What is expected of us?  whitout rules of conduct around us.

                                                                                          Buenos Aires/Argentina



                                                                                                   "Att bära sin mors mantel"

The equality of women? Sure!… But when it comes to practicing it in terms of symbols and on public roads… who? when? and how many accept the challenge? I took a camera, a dress and went out through the streets and neighborhoods of Stockholm to ask the men if they were willing to do so?
I asked the same question to almost 200, 50 agreed to be photographed. A projekt with Amnesty .

                                                                                                    Stockholm -Urbanproject


Photo: Ana M. Almada



During my period of residence in Paris, 18 years ago I was sadly surprised at the number of people who slept on the sidewalks at night. Today nobody is surprised  över the homless number in the world. My reaction then was to take my camera and ask visitors to the Palais de Tokyo a center of contemporary artists, if they agreed to lie on the restaurant floor, very decorative on the other hand , to experience in their own bodies the lack of protection that some peoples suffers daily. Most of the 25-30 respondents accept. Everyone was upset by the experience.

                                                                                                          PALAIS DE TOKIO-PARIS



        Photo: Ana M. Almada


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